These days the construction, civil and mining industries demand high level attention when it comes to document control. RedHub provides a fast, reliable and secure platform to host all of your drawings, specifications and documents.

RedHub is new generation, a proven time and money saver, and has a design team that has been dedicated to providing document management needs to the construction industry since 1999.

RedHub is multi-functional. The RedHub platform will allow you to upload and download documents, communicate through a sophisticated messaging system, send automatic alerts, make use of a complete tendering module that will control and track documents for lump sum tenders as well as management projects. You can add participants as the project grows, set user access levels and make use of many other features.

Why is RedHub “new generation”? There is good reason to call RedHub new generation. With RedHub there are no signup fees and no sign up periods. The platform is as fast, secure and as reliable as any document management platform in the world and the running costs are low. We also believe RedHub to be the most user friendly document management platform available.

Today, the decision to invest in a document management system has never been easier. There is no excuse for developers, architects, construction companies or builders not to run a management system with all the features, for the right price, on all their projects.